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Warzone Pacific has now released worldwide, and it's been fresh change of pace for players who've been diving into the battle royale for almost two years now.

Over the years theres been numerous glitches and bugs that have prevented players from playing, and one of these is the content package error that you may experience on PS4/PS5.

We're going to run over how you can fix this within Call of Duty: Warzone.

How To Fix The Content Package Error In Warzone

This error may happen from time to time on your game, as some of the files may have become corrupted or damaged while trying to load into a match.

There's some decent fixes that are made out to the public surrounding this issue and its quite an easy fix, if you find the correct solution first.

If you encounter this error, you can either do one of the following which have all been touted in working to fix this error.

  • Restart your game
  • Uninstall and reinstall the files
  • Hit Manage game content and uninstall the compatibility pack