While it seems imaginable that players are still flocking to Minecraft in 2022, how could they not?

If you're just diving into the game for the first time in 2022, or haven't played in a while it's always good to re-fresh on certain mechanics such as taming a horse!

How Do You Tame A Horse In Minecraft?

Taming a horse is a fantastic way to get around your Minecraft island much faster than before, and it'll allow you to also climb mountains faster.

Horses are a common animal within Minecraft, and doing a bit of exploring around your house will probably lead you to a pack of horses!

The easiest and fastest way to tame a horse in Minecraft is to go up to the one you want to tame, and keep feeding it Apples, Wheat Carrots or Wheat until hearts flash above the horse.

This may take a little bit, and the horse will more than likley kick you a few times, but it'll be well worth the resources!