While it seems imaginable that players are still flocking to Minecraft in 2021, how could they not?

One of the best performing games of all time, is known for it's wacky additions and some of these Enchantment's including Lava Walking may be a bit confusing to use at first glance.

We're going to run over how you can properly use this Boot Enchantment!

How To Use The Lava Walker Minecraft Enchantment

As the name suggests, the Lava Walker Enchantment in Minecraft is made for boots, and will allow the players to walk on Lava.

This is extremly useful for situations such as the Nether, where the region is mostly populated by Lava, and it can get you through the region faster.

The Lava Walker Enchatment just needs to be chosen out of the list of Enchantments for your boots, and once equipped onto the player, you can walk across Lava, as long as you're crouched.

If you try to run or stand ontop of the Lava, you'll simply burn alive!