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Our crowning achievement in gaming mice is our beautiful Kone Pro.

The Kone Pro is the result of over 14 years of devoted craftmanship and is undoubtedly the most advanced mouse we've created here at ROCCAT.

Here's everything you need to know about the Kone Pro.

What Is It?

Kone Pro

Described as "One of the best gaming mice out there" by Windows Central, this iconic mouse has been perfected through 14 years of craftmanship.

The Mouse features many charming qualities that make it one of the most adored mice on the market.

Firstly, its ergonomic shape makes it a smooth and easy experience for gamers with hands of all shapes and sizes as well as grip preference.

It's Honeycomb Bionic shell gives it a sturdy and leightweight feel that allows the mouse to show off the AIMO RGB lighting. The AIMO RGB lighting features 16.8 million colours and can be synced with other compatible AIMO products.

Included in the mouse, is the Titan Wheel Pro. Milled from solid aluminimum, it has a light, strong, satisfying scroll and tactile click.

Equipped with a Titan Switch Optical, the Kone Pro delivers a speed-of-light acutation for unprecedented speed and precision.

The PhantomFlex cable that comes attached to the Kone Pro is so flexible and light to the point you'd forget it was there.

Finally, it has heat-treated glides that are crafted from pure PTFE for incredible glide and smooth mouse movements.

For players looking to take the strain out of their mouse actions, this lightweight mouse weighs just 66g.

It utilizes the Titan Switch Optical, has a 19K DPI Owl-Eye Sensor, a PhantomFlex™ Cable and superior heat-treated PTFE glides. Not only that, but it boasts a beautiful honeycomb shell with a translucent fade on the main two buttons that provide the perfect showcase for the vivid AIMO RGB lighting.

Aimed at medium to large sized hands, players are comfortably achieving high CPS with this fantastic mouse - YouTubers such as Flowaze have been highlighting its fantastic "grippy" coating.

This mouse comes with a two year warranty and retails at $79.99/£69.99/€79,99 and can be purchased here:

"Quite simply the best" - COGConnected

What Is It?

Size And Weight

Kone Pro Dimensions

How Heavy Is The Kone Pro?

This mouse retails at $99.99/£89.99/€99,99 and can be purchased here:

"It's going to give you absolute pleasure"

Drag Clicking

Best Games

VS Other Mice

Kone Pro Vs Kone Pro Air

Kone Pro Vs Kone Pure Ultra

The Kone Remastered takes the best features of the original Kone and provides more precise optics, an easy-clean grip and better aesthetics.

The Kone AIMO Remastered has a futuristic look about it with RGB streaks on the sides to show off our beautiful AIMO lighting, as well as being featured on the mouse wheel.

Minecraft PVP players such as Lebbyy and SSanti love to use this mouse because, objectively, it can offer up to 60 CPS, depending on your skill level.

Compared to other mice we have on offer, it's one of the largest (4.92 x 3.35 x 1.57 inches and weighs 130g). Those who have big hands or just want something with more stability and control will find great comfort with this mouse. Unlike the other mice, it does provide a thumb button to give a complete grip on the mouse and reduce the risk of your hand dragging along your mousepad.

Kone Pro Vs Kain 200 AIMO

The Kain was created for the best possible click and has been a staple of the Drag Clicking community since being created. The Kain 200 possesses a Titan Switch to deliver lighting-fast actuation and unbeatable durability.

If you're after something that looks a bit more professional, the Kain is all business. Boasting a matte finish, it still sports our glorious AIMO RGB lighting, but is isolated to the logo on the back and the mouse wheel.

Not only is the Kain 200 wireless, with a 35 hour battery life, it also pushes the boundaries of performance even further with an intelligent algorithm that improves signal processing to register mouse clicks up to 16ms faster.

Kone Pure Ultra

Looking to Drag Click but on a bit of a budget? Or not a fan of the hefty size the Remastered sports? Well, the Kone Pure Ultra may be what you're looking for!

Much like the Kain, it holds a "less is more approach" with its RGB lighting being focused solely on the ROCCAT logo at the back of the mouse.

Again achieving a mighty CPS count of 65 (depending on your skill level), there's not much in it between the two other than size preference and the Pure Ultra is a bit cheaper.

This mouse retails at $69.99/£59.99/€69,99 and can be purchased here:

"a genuine contender for the best lightweight gaming mouse crown" - PCGamesN