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League of Legends next update, patch 12.13, arrives in mid-July.

The most recent patch adjusted a number of changes within the entire game, fixing a few issues that were presented in the big durability update.

As the next update looms, new Ocean Song skins will drop in time for Summer.

Here’s what’s new in update 12.11 for LoL.

Release Date

The 12.13 update will arrive in League of Legends on Wednesday 13th July 2022.

Here’s roughly when you can expect the update to roll out:

  • 3 am PT (NA servers)
  • 5 am GMT (EUW servers)
  • 3 am CET (EUNE servers)
Champion Updates

Champion Buffs

  • Gwen
    • A Thousand Cuts (Passive)
      • AP ratio decreased to 6% per 100 AP from 8% per 100 AP
    • Snip Snip (Q)
      • Base damage per snip increased to 10-26 from 9-21
      • Final snip damage increased to 60/75/90/105/120 (+35% AP) from 45/60/75/90/105 (+25% AP)
      • Center true damage decreased to 75% from 100%
      • Minion damage decreased to 75% from 100%
      • Minions below 20% are immediately executed
    • Hallowed Mist (W)
      • Duration decreased to 4 from 5
    • Bonus resistances increased to 17/19/21/23/25 (+7%) from 12/14/16/18/20 (+5%)
    • Skip ‘n Slash (E)
      • Cooldown increased to 13/12.5/12/11.5/11 from 13/12/11/10/9
      • Bonus magic damage increased to 15 (20% AP) from 10 (+15% AP)
      • CDR changed to 25/35/45/55/65% from 50%
      • Bonus Range increased to 75 from 50
    • Needlework (R)
      • Damage per needle increased to 35/65/95 (+9% AP) from 30/55/80 (+8% AP). There is also now a 1.5s cooldown with no need to attack between casts
  • Katarina
    • Voracity (Passive)
      • AP ratio increased to 65/75/85/95% from 55/66/77/88%
    • Bouncing Blade (Q)
      • Damage increased to 80/110/140/170/200 (+35% AP) from 75/105/135/165/195 (+30% AP)
    • Death Lotus (R)
      • Physical damage increased, on-hit modifier increased to 30/35/40% from 28/33/38%

Champion Nerfs

  • Master Yi
    • Meditate (W)
      • No longer gives Tenacity, which is lowered to 50% from 60%. While channeling and for 0.5s afterward, he takes 90% reduced damage, which then decreases to 60/62.5/65/67.5/70%
  • Nilah
    • Formless Blade (Q)
      • AD Ratio increased to 90/100/110/120/130% from 80/100/120/140/160%
      • AoE damage against monsters decreased to 10%
      • Active attack speed decreased to 15-65% from 20-76%
    • Apotheosis (R)
      • AD ratio per tick decreased to 35% from 50%. Burst AD ratio decreased to 120% from 200%
  • Sivir
    • Divine Sunderer
      • Heal decreased to 75% from 100% of damage dealt

Champion Adjustments

  • TBC
System Changes And Items


  • TBC



    Divine Sunderer is currently doing its job a bit too well. Not only is it helping fighters play into tanks, it’s also helping them play better into everyone in general. With this update, we’re looking to shift Sunderer’s power away from shredding tanks and into a comparatively lower damage/higher sustain option for fighters.
    SPELLBLADE DAMAGE (12% melee/9% ranged) of target's maximum health  125% base AD (+(6% melee/3% ranged) of target's maximum health)
    HEAL 50% of premitigation damage (+(6% melee/3% ranged) of target's maximum health)  65% of premitigation damage (+(4.8% melee/2.4% ranged) of target's maximum health) (+100% base AD)
    MYTHIC PASSIVE BONUS FOR LEGENDARY ITEMS 5% armor penetration and 5% magic penetration  3% armor penetration and 3% magic penetration
    UPDATED FORGET ME NOT These same changes will apply to the Ornn Masterwork item, Deicide


    We’re making some updates to the way the passive of Demonic Embrace and Liandry’s Anguish stack when applied by multiple users.
    UPDATED EYES ON ME Passive - Azakana Gaze now stacks when applied by multiple users (however one user cannot refresh another user’s application of the passive)


    UPDATED LITERAL TORMENT Passive - Torment now stacks when applied by multiple users (however one user cannot refresh another user’s application of the passive)


    Assassins are currently doing a balanced amount of damage with lethality items, but the class overall is just a tad weaker than we’d like. We’re taking a non-traditional approach to buffing assassins by adding bonus move speed to their Mythic iItems which should also help discourage bruiser or tank itemizations.
    MYTHIC PASSIVE BONUS FOR LEGENDARY ITEMS 5 Ability haste  5 Ability haste and 5 move speed (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Draktharr's Shadowcarver)


    RANGED DAMAGE PROC 6% max health  3% max health
    MYTHIC PASSIVE BONUS FOR LEGENDARY ITEMS 4% Armor penetration  4% Armor penetration and 5 move speed (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Syzygy)


    MYTHIC PASSIVE BONUS FOR LEGENDARY ITEMS 5 Lethality  5 Lethality and 5 move speed (same for Ornn Masterwork item, Sandshrike’s Claw)
Bug Fixes & QoL
  • QoL Changes

    • Kayle now slightly increases in size when she reaches level 11
    • Bel’Veth is now slightly smaller when in her True Form
    • Bel’Veth’s resource bar has been updated to reflect the duration of her True Form
    • Goredrinker’s healing tracker now tracks healing from all targets hit, not just once per cast
    • Black Cleaver now displays the bonus damage caused by its armor shred passive
    • Umbral Glaive now displays the number of wards killed while you have the item
    • EDG Zoe’s sleep status effect is now more visible, especially in the river


    • Fixed a bug where in-game ping indicators displayed latency as 7ms higher than actual ping for all players
    • Fixed a bug where Pantheon’s Q length and width were incorrectly reverted to their pre-12.7 values
    • Fixed a bug where Bel’Veth’s ranged Voidlings were not correctly receiving Baron buff
    • Fixed a bug where Bel’Veth’s Void Corals could form inside of Morderkaiser’s R - Death Realm if an enemy was killed outside in the same area
    • Fixed a bug where Samira’s E - Wild Rush would reset upon taking down an enemy clone
    • Fixed a bug where Ornn could immediately recast Call of the Forge God if it was used in the direction of an ally
    • Fixed a bug where Draven’s Passive minion streak would reset if his support executed a minion with Spoils of War from Relic Shield/Steel Shoulderguards
    • Fixed a bug where Sivir’s attack bounces from W - Ricochet would do 0 damage to Zyra’s plants
    • Fixed a bug where Volibear could clip through red side’s spawn gate with his E - Sky Splitter
    • Fixed a bug where Shadowflame's bonus damage tracker was displaying the incorrect amount of bonus damage
    • Fixed a bug where Kayn would gain transformation progress from First Strike’s bonus damage
    • Fixed a bug where Maokai’s E - Sapling Toss saplings would do damage through spell shields
    • Fixed a bug where Shaco’s R - Hallucinate clone would be unable to proc Lich Bane
    • Fixed a bug where Goredrinker’s healing tracking was only tracking damage by cast, not total damage
    • Fixed a bug where Viego’s Lord of the Mist and Harrowed Path buff icons were not correctly appearing upon entering his Black Mist
    • Fixed a bug where Rell’s animations would momentarily freeze after using her E - Attract and Repel
    • Fixed a bug where Ornn’s progress bar when using his Passive - Living Forge would display incorrect ability names
    • Fixed a bug where players could ping Hullbreaker and receive the message “I’m hunting alone” if they had a Yuumi attached to them. Yes, Yuumi does count as a champion.
    • Fixed a bug where Hullbreaker’s bonus resistances when hunting alone would immediately disappear when allies got too close instead of after a 3 second delay
    • Fixed a bug so that stat shard selections now show up when hovering over the icon in the runes panel
    • Fixed a bug where aura buff icons (like Skarner’s Passive or Viego’s E) would constantly refresh on the buff bar instead of remaining constant
    • Fixed a bug where Thresh’s Passive - Damnation would show up on his buff bar as a temporary effect
    • Fixed a bug where Vladmir’s Q - Transfusion would show up on his buff bar as a temporary effect
    • Fixed a bug where Ivern’s tooltip for his R - Daisy! was not showing the correct formula
    • Fixed a bug where Anathema's Chains could not be cast while dead
    • Fixed a bug where Anathema's Chains would reveal its user on cast
    • Fixed a bug where First Strike would reveal its user upon proccing the rune
    • Fixed a bug where Luden’s Tempest would reveal its user when procced
    • Fixed a bug where the sound effects from Scuttle’s movement speed buff did not match the buff duration
    • Fixed a bug where Goredrinker’s healing tracking would be lower than intended when hitting more than one champion
    • Fixed a bug where disabling all sounds in game would not carry over to future games
    • Fixed a bug where the Treasure Hunter rune was not being counted accurately in the End of Game screen
New Skins

Star Guardian Skins

  • Star Guardian Kai'Sa (1350 RP)
  • Star Guardian Nilah (1350 RP)
  • Star Guardian Ekko (1350 RP)
  • Star Guardian Ekko Prestige Edition

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