Studs Galore

It has finally arrived, yes we're talking about the long awaited Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. The cream of the crop Lego game is finally here after years of development and fans are overjoyed at the finished product.

If you've played any Lego game before, you're well aware that the in-game currency within the game, Studs, is easily obtainable.

But, within The Skywalker Saga, you're going to need a lot to purchase skill points and what not, and that's why you're going to want to obtain the 10X multiplier!

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga How To Get 10X Studs

Getting 10X Studs while playing Lego Star Wars is greatly going to increase the amount of ships and skill Points you'll be able to purchase, and this is one of the in-game cheats players will need to purchase via the 'EXTRAS' tab.

But, while the game allows you to purchase this 10X multiplier, there's a catch. It's going to cost you a staggering 384 Million Studs, and you'll also have to find the Datacard to unlock it.

There's also other multipliers such as 2X and 5X, but the holy grail isn't cheap, and 384 Million Studs is quite the number, but if you've just been free playing the game and not really purchasing any upgrades, than it's completly possible.