Money talks

GTA Online has long and been the premier outlet for Rockstar Games as of late, as it seems they're pouring all their resources into the game before the release of GTA 6.

Speaking of other GTA's, a new easter egg has surfaced within GTA Online and it alludes to a potential DLC with GTA 4!

New Easter Egg Hints At GTA 4 Expansion For GTA Online

The DLC is pretty neat, and it's thanks to eagle eyed players such as BgkGaming that we're able to uncover some of these easter eggs!

Bascially, you're going to want to head over to the Opium Nights Hotel, and once you get closer and closer to the glass window, you may notice something special.

The relection on the hotel windows is exactly the same relection that Liberty City outputs multiple times throughout GTA 4.

So, this doesn't seem like something Rockstar would put into the game randomly, so here's hoping this actually means a brand new DLC.