Valorant has been soaring lately, and with Episode 4 Act 2 now coming to an end, players are in their last push to obtain their best rank this Act.

One method players have been using in order to obtain higher ranks is the new Jett exploit that allows you and your team, to gain a wide array of intel in the round.

New Valorant Jett Exploit Gives Players Insane Advantage

Jett is perhaps the most popular Valorant agent in the pool right now, and this is mainly due to her kit that allows her to get to places faster than other agents, and the ability to dash out of trouble whenever she needs it.

However, one aspect of Jett's kit that is widley underated, is her Updraft. Enabling her to get into unknown spaces to catch enemies off guard, is sorta what this exploit entails.

Bascially on Split, you're going to want to head over to the middle of A site. Once here, Updraft onto the middle box on site, than go into the back left corner, and right when the round starts, Updraft and hold spacebar.

This will allow you to get a peak into their spawn bascially, and will give you and your team information if they're coming A or B.