Bind, Engage!

MMORPG's are filled with keys for certain actions that player's will find become more important the higher level they become, and within New World player's will surely want to take advantage of optimizing their key binds and mouse sensitivity.

Here are some tips for setting up your keybinds on mouse and keyboard.

Best New World keybinds and mouse sensitivity

As you progress along the way in New World, you'll unlock a flurry of abilities and slots for other consumables such as potions the higher level you obtain.

When you reach a certain point in the game it'll be best to have some of your key binds optimized for your gameplay, so that you'll be able to quickly access some of the most important items within the game.

One aspect we'd recommend changing while playing New World is the potion keys. At the on-set they're set to 3,4,5,6. Changing the latter two buttons to some keys/buttons such as your side mouse buttons will allow for easier access in the long-haul.

If your mouse hasn't got side buttons, why not invest in a new one such as the Kone Pro Air?

Along with these bindings, some other important ones to tinker with is your weapons abilities. If you don't like the pre-set ones, mix them up a bit so that you'll be able to quickly perform combos while encountering other players/enemies.

It may be worth changing Dodge to space bar as its much easier to use and put Sheathe to Left Alt and jump to left shift. Considering it's not that important in New World, it won't need a lot of use.

Toggle spring is great on the Tab or Caps Lock button if you're using WASD layout.

Your mouse sense is also going to be vital for battles, and if you're rocking a mage/AoE build, you're going to want to lower your your mouse sense; but ensure it's high enough that you can turn around fast enough. This will be essential for pin-pointing targets, and you'll want to experiment with this to find the sweet spot for you.

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