A New World!

New World's still bubbling away as it approaches April and a new update is being released.

New World is back in business of adding regular updates to the MMO - this months May update arrives with notable fixes some new content focused on Arenas.

Here's what's new in New World.

May Patch Notes


Step into the Arena to test your skills against other combatants! 3v3 Arenas are a new small-scale PvP game mode where teams of 3 can face off for fame, glory, and riches. You might even win a few unique housing items.

Each Arena match is a “Best-of-5” contest. Fight to be the first team to win 3 rounds and secure the match for your team. Rounds are 2 minutes long, but if the battle lingers, a deadly ring of fire will push players to the center of the arena, forcing combatants to engage or die!

Players level 20 and above can queue for 3v3 Arenas by opening the Modes menu, allowing on-demand PvP gameplay from anywhere in Aeternum. If players need a brief introduction to what the Arena is, they can speak to the fight promoter Maximus Marcellus in Everfall.


The PvP Rewards Track introduces two new currencies: PvP XP and Azoth Salt.

Players can earn both types of currency through PvP related activities like War, Outpost Rush, 3v3 Arenas, PvP Missions, PvP Open World kills, and fort captures. You’ll also earn bonus Azoth Salt when gaining XP while flagged for PvP!

Collect PvP XP to climb the rewards track for additional rewards like gear, weapons, emotes, and items. Three rewards will be drawn from the pool at each of the notches shown below. You can then select and purchase one of the checkpoint rewards with Azoth Salt. The rewards get better at each notch.

When you get to the third notch, you will be ready to level up! This will either happen automatically when purchasing your third reward or manually if you pass on the purchase. Players that purchase less than the maximum 3 rewards will receive a small salt boost for the next track.

With each track rotation, your PvP Rank will rise by 1. Hit rank milestones to unlock in-game achievements, titles, and exclusive rewards. Start your personal PvP quest now!


Return to the Depths and face a brand new challenge for end-game rewards! The Depths is now part of the weekly Expedition Mutator rotation. In addition, 3 new mutation types have been added to the pool, for a total of 27 new combinations:

  • Overgrown - Focuses on Nature Damage and Resistance. Overgrown adds effects like Toxic, a pool which tracks down players, and Compost which turns trash into healing areas for their allies.

  • Barbaric - Focuses on Physical Damage. Adds Berserk, an enrage effect, and Shattering which deals Stamina Damage.

  • Fiendish - Curses that focus on the nocturnal. Fiendish adds Weary, which will weaken players with Rend and make them vulnerable with Slow. It also features Blood Offering which stacks damage over time.


Continue the story of the the Varangian Knights and their conquest for power. Players will encounter four new Varangian enemies in this episode: the Crusher, Spearman, Hound, and Mage. Find Abigail Rose just outside a new Varangian camp at Sorcerers Delve in Everfall to start the episode 2 quest chain. Recommended for players level 25-30.


The player’s selected pronoun will now be reflected in chat! For instance, when using an emote, the preferred pronoun will be considered and displayed. Since the selected pronoun is now used game-wide, we have also relocated the selection setting to the Bio screen for higher menu visibility.


  • Fixed a visual issue on the Ghost Ship.

  • Updated the Ghost Ship to have SFX when it can be seen in the distance.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Door is sometimes invisible in Skyview Repose.

  • Fixed an issue where unintentional VFX displayed at the feet of enemies which were hit.

  • Addressed an issue where players were able to stack housing furniture much taller than their property’s limit in the First Light settlement.

  • Updated SFX to play the appropriate sound when AI are mining and chopping wood.

  • Removed collision when a player is in the Death’s Door downed state.

  • Fixed an issue where heavy use of area of effect abilities (e.g. in a war) would cause foliage to flicker.

  • The respawn point for Tent Camp Skins was relocated to the front "porch" of the tent for all tent variants and tent skins.



  • Fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes not respawn in Expeditions.

  • Performed an audio pass for the the music within the Tempest’s Heart expedition.

  • Updated Isabella's VO to sound better within the dungeon's acoustics.

  • Updated Neishatun's last VO line to play smoothly when players have defeated him.

  • Updated Neishatun's Corrupted Corruption SFX to be better suit the experience.

  • Fixed collision issues in the corrupted graveyard that players occasionally got stuck on.

  • Fixed collision issues in the Sea of Corruption where players occasionally got stuck on edges.

  • Fixed additional collision within Isabella’s boss fight arena.

  • Fixed additional collision within Neishatun’s boss fight arena.

  • Removed collision that allowed players to climb out of a Tendril of Corruption.

  • Updated key lighting within the Basilica so that lower spec PCs still receive casted shadows.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Blackguard's Blunderbuss from dropping. Neishatun in Tempest's Heart now drops it.

  • Players can no longer circumvent the gate entrance to get into Isabella's fight space.

  • Fixed an area where players could move out of bounds.

  • Removed collision on an object that allowed for healing outside of the Greenskeeper arena.

  • Adds that spawned during the Caretaker encounter should now properly die when the Caretaker dies.

  • Blocked off exploit path that allowed players to safely heal near Chardis' arena.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Tolos and Asteros to respawn after the expedition was completed.

  • Fixed collision on a ledge that allowed players to climb up onto an unintended area.

  • Made lighting adjustments to minimize flashing lights in certain areas.

  • Fixed collision where players got stuck.

  • Fixed several navigation/collision spots in Thorpe’s arena.

  • Fixed several navigation/collision spots in Archdeacon's arena.


  • Fixed an issue where the wrong VO line played for Yonas Alazar's quest, “The Alliance”.

  • Fixed blank spaces in formatting of quest and journal text for “Master of the Tempest”.

  • Fixed an issue where players got stuck in a loop during the 'Trial of the Scrivener' faction progression quest.

  • The Soulwarden Epitaph interactable was moved so players can now reach it without issue.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to automatically receive the next MSQ quest from a different starter territory than their own when they logged out, then logged back in right after finishing their faction initiation quest.



  • AI will no longer randomly disappear when running away from a player.

  • Fixed a bug where the enemy Baines in Seniab would attack and chase players farther than intended.

  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause AI to die when rooted during their retreat sequence.

  • Fixed a bug where the enemies summoned by other enemies (e.g. wolves summoned by an alpha wolf) would have a delay before they attack.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Lost Brute characters to sometimes walk in slow motion while patrolling.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ladel Villagers to not deal damage with their charge attack.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Shovel Villagers to not deal damage with their ground pound attack.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Stanley the Rabbit to wander away from players during interactions.

  • Zygoramet’s fight will no longer reset when players stand on the edge of the arena.

  • Reduced the vision distance of Corruption Tendrils in Breach Events to better fit the size of the events. Players can now disengage from the fight at a shorter distance.

  • Fixed an issue that caused large cat characters to stall if the Blunderbuss’s Claw Shot attack was used to initiate combat with them.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from building threat on AI characters at far distances.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some ranged AI characters from approaching and engaging the player from extremely far distances.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Varangian Mage.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Withered Swarmancer.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Varangian Knight.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Plague Huntress.

  • Rafflebones is no longer a guaranteed spawn.

  • Fixed a desync issue that could occur if you were hit by a light attack while already in a Stagger animation.


  • Added "Named" loot tag to the following AI:

    • Abiogenesis

    • Boomer

    • Borvarn

    • Brighteye

    • Entropy

    • Ezra

    • Jackson

    • Karl the Overseer

    • Corrupted Gladiator Yrsa

    • Captain Lu Ten

    • Silverpelt

    • Snaggletooth

    • The Striped Kirin

    • Dimethicone

    • Cedral

    • Morgolf


  • Fixed an issue that allowed certain Expedition bosses to improperly regenerate their health after a player is put into Death's Door.

  • Fixed an issue where expedition bosses could sometimes target players outside their arena.

  • Fixed issue that caused the AI to sometimes ignore players in Expeditions.

  • Fixed a bug that caused expedition bosses to fail to perform wipe attacks when all party members were downed.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Neishatun's Corruption Shot to sometimes hit players positioned on his sides.

  • Reworked Neishatun's “Corruption Flame” and “Corruption Core” abilities. A Corruption Core will now spawn 3s after a Corruption Flame happens, which should reliably ensure that Cores do not overlap with Flames.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Isabella to sometimes not face the person she was aiming at.

  • Fixed an issue that created an unintended safe space during Neishatun's Corrupted Flame phase.


  • Empress Zhou

    • Fixed an issue that caused her Corruption Wave spell to hit outside of the intended area.

    • Fixed an issue that caused her Corruption Wave spell to hit behind her.

    • Removed the damage from the initial summoning of her Dragon Breath spell. This spell will now only impact the area that is breathed on by the dragon.

    • Reduced the damage of her Pearl Pedestal toss.

  • Fixed an inconsistency with the leashing behavior of Commander Chen, Maiden Daiyu, and Maiden Lanfen.

  • The AI guards will now utilize new animations.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Depths Archdeacon encounter to abruptly despawn hounds on a player entering Death's Door.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Archdeacon Azamela and other Corrupted Priest's Rolling Corruption spell to kill players in Death's Door.

  • Thorpe now drops appropriate loot for mutated expeditions.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Chardis to sometimes target the same player repeatedly with his Beam attack.



  • Fixed an issue where the “Blood Offering” mutator effects ticked an inconsistent amount of times. It should consistently tick 3 times now.

  • Reduced the Slow effect from the “Weary” mutator effect from 50% to 30%.

  • Fixed an issue where player status modified damage dealt from the “Blood Offering” mutation

  • Fixed an issue where the Toxic I and II Mutator status effect tooltips stated incorrect damage values.



  • Updated the Focus 300 Attribute Bonus to no longer grant mana regeneration. Instead, it now grants a flat 8 mana per second for the duration of the effect.

  • Updated the 200 Constitution Attribute Bonus tooltip to indicate that the bonus is specifically Physical Armor. Text was added for additional clarity, while the functionality remains the same.

  • The stamina damage increase on the 150 Strength Attribute Bonus was reduced from 50% to 25%. It also now only applies to light attacks and has no impact on heavy attacks.

  • Reduced the Physical Armor increase from the 200 Constitution Attribute Bonus. It was lowered from 20% to 10%.


  • Updated equip load healing bonus to be multiplicative. Now all of the healing bonuses from equip load, positive or negative, will be added on after all other calculations have been made, meaning the bonuses will have a larger and more consistent impact on healing.

    • Example: Base healing is 100, and a player has two passives that each increase healing by 10%. Previously those two healing mods were additive. So the calculation was 100*(1+0.1+0.1) which is equal to 120. With the equip load now being multiplicative, the bonus is calculated after all other math is completed. So if we take the same calculation as above and make the 2nd healing bonus multiplicative, It is calculated as 100*(1.+0.1)=110*(1+0.1)=121.

  • Removed Medium equip load healing bonus and increased the reduction to healing in Heavy equip load. Healing bonuses per equip load are now: Light +30%, Medium 0%, Heavy -30%.


  • Dodging is now allowed while rooted. The player cannot move while rooted but they will have invulnerability frames.

  • Increased the diminishing returns on consecutive usage of stuns and roots. Duration reduction increased from 20% to 50% per consecutive use. Max reduction increased from 80% to 100%.

  • Being slowed will now affect the movement of your dodge. If you are slowed and you dodge, you will now move less distance based on the power of the Slow.

  • Fixed an issue that unintentionally reduced the player’s dodge distance.

  • Fixed an issue that caused status effects to not always display on your HUD.

  • Ice Shower, Ice Storm, and Gravity Well no longer disable dodging.

  • Fixed an issue where Stamina Regen would take longer if in Idle

    • Currently on Live there is a 1 second delay after you dodge before stamina begins to regen. In the current PTR we have increased that delay from 1s to 1.5s from when you begin to dodge.


  • Primary attacks on melee weapons should now hit moving targets more consistently.


  • Fixed an issue that caused projectiles shot while in free camera to incorrectly calculate projectile direction.

  • Fixed an issue where attacks would activate unintentionally after exiting turrets and other interactable actions.

  • Fixed an issue that made it so pressing Block or Aim would not exit all abilities that have any sort of persistent state, like aiming or entombed. Now if Block and Aim are bound to separate keys, players will be able to press either to exit that persistent state.

  • Fixed a number of potential desyncs between the client and server.

  • Fixed a variety of positional desyncs related to using weapons while moving toward the camera.

  • Fixed an issue that caused various ranged and AoE attacks to unintentionally get Backstab criticals (i.e. Flamethrower, Incinerate, Shockwave, Path of Destiny, and Sticky Bomb).


  • Weapon coatings are no longer removed from weapons when gathering resources.

  • Updated various AoE weapon ability tooltips to include radius information.

  • Updated various weapon ability tooltips to include staggers and knockdown effects.

  • Fixed an issue where ranged weapons did not display ammo type and count correctly when obstructed.

  • Adjusted the dodge buffer window for the ADS firing animation to be more consistent with other firing animations.

  • Fixed an issue that caused firing inputs to not buffer when entering ADS with the Blunderbuss.

  • Blunderbuss charges now show correctly when firing while obstructed, and return to the normal reticle.

  • Fixed an issue where the player could become unresponsive if they tried to aim and go prone at the same time with a Blunderbuss in hand.

  • Fixed basic attack having incorrect recovery when canceling an ability.

  • Fixed basic attack cancels not working correctly if you move while using Splitting Grenade and Blast Shot.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Blunderbuss “Last Chance” passive effect to persist through weapon swaps.

  • Fixed an issue that caused pellets to not fire when canceling an ability with a primary attack while aiming down the sights.

  • Mortar Charge:

    • Fixed an issue where this ability incremented the “Blood Offering” curse in mutators too many times in a single use.

    • Fixed an issue where the VFX from this skill could disappear prematurely.

    • Freedom: This upgrade's speed bonus no longer decays over time. To compensate, its duration was reduced from 3s to 2s.

  • Splitting Grenade:

    • Fixed an issue which caused a desync when moving immediately after using the ability.

    • Fixed an issue where critical hits from this ability would not deal additional damage.

  • Azoth Shrapnel Blast:

    • Delayed dodge cancel window to match the attack cancel window.

    • Decreased damage per pellet from 58% to 50%.

    • Azoth Bomb: Increased delay before bomb explosion from 0.5s to 1s. Fixed a typo in the upgrade description.

  • Azoth Bomb

    • Increased the delay before a bomb explosion from 0.5s to 1s.

    • Fixed a typo in the upgrade description.

  • Blast Shot:

    • Delayed dodge cancel window to match the attack cancel window.

    • Decreased damage from 70% to 50%.

  • Net Shot:

    • Increased damage from 40% to 70%.

    • Increased slow duration from 2.5s to 3s.

    • Apparatus: Increased slow duration from 5s to 7s. Reduced the slow the degradation over time from 10% reduction per second to 6% reduction per second.

    • Barbed Netting: Increased damage per second from 5% to 30%. Updated this ability's visuals and description to clearly indicate it inflicts Bleeding and not Poison.

  • Future Planning: This passive now triggers per Mortar Charge shot, instead of on activation.

  • Unload (Ultimate): Reduced number of additional pellets from 3 to 2.

  • Reduced recovery on basic attacks.

  • Fixed ability cancels on basic attacks.

  • Increased projectile radius on all attacks, except Penetrating Shot.

  • Added cancel windows to weapon readying animations.

  • Players can now sprint-cancel when lowering the weapon.

  • Added missing cancel buffers when lowering weapon.

  • Poison Shot and Penetrating Shot now use the same fire/cancel inputs as Rain of Arrows.

  • Reduced hip-fire startup and recovery, and increased move speed while hip-firing from 1.65 to 2.25.

  • Reduced hip-fire multiplier from 0.8 to 0.6.

  • Reduced Charged Shot damage multiplier from 1.7 to 1.5.

  • Reduced charge time and recovery for Charged Shots.

  • Reduced the power of the Bow's Aim True Passive from 30% to 10%.

  • Fixed issue that allowed players to instantly fire Penetrating Shot or Poison Shot at the same time as a Charged Bow Shot.

  • Reduced the Bow’s base block stamina damage from 34-42 to 32-40 depending on its tier.

  • Reduced Bow's Charged Shot stamina damage coefficient by 38%.

  • Reduced Bow's Evade Shot stamina damage coefficient by 75%.

  • Reduced the Evade Shot Knockback’s upgrade stamina damage coefficient by 40%.

  • Burn Out: Fixed an issue which caused a desync when moving immediately after using the ability.

  • Meteor Shower: Increased casting range from 15m to 20m.

  • Meteor Shower: Increased damage from 20% to 25% weapon damage.

  • Judgment of Helios: Increased damage from 25% to 30% weapon damage.

  • Pillar of Fire: You can now move during the casting animation.

  • The Clear Casting status effect now properly removes when the Fire Staff is sheathed, unequipped or out of combat.

  • Updated Clear Casting passive so that it will now automatically trigger when combat starts instead of when you first take damage.

  • Clear Casting, Clear Mind, and Reheat status effects are now properly categorized as buffs.

  • Removed all mention of the Reheat status effect incorrectly listed as an Empower.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Flamethrower to inadvertently cancel when strafing while a Haste buff was active.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Flamethrower (as well as other sustained, aimed abilities) to cancel through automated traversal (e.g. step-ups).

  • Reduced Flamethrower's block stamina damage by 85%.

  • Whirlwind: Increased base movement speed while spinning from 3 to 3.5.

  • Gusting Winds: Increased speed bonus 50% to 100%.

  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade names Gusting Winds (speed upgrade) and Unending Winds (more spins) were swapped.

  • Berserking Purge: Fixed an issue where this upgrade would not properly remove stuns if used too soon after the stun was applied.

  • Ice Storm: Fixed an issue that caused this ability to go on cooldown when the spell was interrupted while in aim mode.

  • Ice Pylon: Damage increased from 50% to 75% weapon damage.

  • Ice Pylon: Health increased from 12% to 20% of player health.

  • Ice Pylon: Fixed an issue that caused Ice Pylon to damage all targets within range when spawned.

  • Ice Shower: Updated the tooltip for this ability to include the cooldown on the re-application of the root effect.

  • Fixed an issue where light attacks cancelled targeted healing when Stickylock was enabled.

  • Fixed an issue that caused targeted healing to attempt to lock on to targets beyond the range of healing spells.

  • Cleaned up animations and fixed missing visuals and sounds when self-healing.

  • Targeted Heals: These abilities now allow movement while casting.

  • Light's Embrace: Increased cast time to 1s.

  • Light's Embrace: Reduced bonus healing per buff from 30% to 15%.

  • Added a UI element to indicate whether or not group mode healing is enabled. This indicator will only be shown when group mode healing is on, the player has their life staff active, and they are a member of a group. This also fixed an issue that caused the Targeted Healing out of range highlight to not function when activating target lock with MMW or target Hotkeys.

  • Targeted healing spells are now limited by line of sight, except in Expeditions.

  • Fixed a bug where impact effects for the musket may have played even if the server invalidated a client's shot.

  • Fixed an issue that caused firing inputs to not buffer when entering ADS with the Musket.

  • Hit your Mark Passive: Updated the description to clarify that this passive only works for standard musket shots and not overloaded shots (i.e. Power Shot and Powder Burn).

  • Marksman Passive: Fixed an issue where overloaded shots would not count towards the number of consecutive hits.

  • Shooter's Stance: Fixed an issue where the musket would fire unintentionally in Shooter's Stance with the Tactical Reload passive.

  • Sticky Bomb: Fixed an issue where the bomb would disappear without detonating when it attached to destroyed objects.

  • Sticky Bomb: Fixed an issue where the musket was not removed from the player's hand for remote clients while holding a sticky bomb.

  • Powder Burn: Fixed an issue where attempting to fire Powder Burn while prone would instead fire Power Shot.

  • Trap: Cleaned up several visible aspects for better readability and effect matching.

    • Increased the model size of traps in order to make them more visible and to match the size of the trigger volume.

    • Updated animation timing to match trap appearance.

    • Adjusted projectile arc and speed to make throwing feel smoother and to make the trap land closer to the reticle position.

  • Tondo: Increased bleed damage from 7% to 10% weapon damage per tick.

  • Riposte: Fixed an issue where Riposte could be triggered by abilities from players that had AoE taunts active.

  • Riposte: Fixed an animation desync that triggered when hit in Riposte.

  • Deadly Consistency: Fixed an issue where perks that dealt extra damage (e.g. Keenly Jagged and Chain) could reset this passive’s hit count.

  • Increased hit shape sizes for basic attacks, Skewer, Perforate, and Coup de Grace.

  • Increased homing on Coup de Grace.

  • Leaping Strike: Fixed an issue where the this ability triggered two stacks of the “Blood Offering” mutator effect.

  • Refreshing Frailty: Added a 5 hit cap per attack on cooldown reduction.

  • Refreshing Precision: Reduced cooldown reduction from 10% to 5%. Added a 5 hit cap per attack on cooldown reduction.

  • Void Blade: Reduced the block stamina damage multiplier from Void Blade's heavy attack from 2.0 to 1.5.

  • Increased Scream root duration from 1s to 2s.

  • Fixed a bug that forced players into an in-between void blade state when hit.

  • Path of Destiny: Fixed an issue where Crits were not dealing increased damage. Reduced damage of non-Crits from 110% to 100% to account for additional Crit damage.


  • Fixed an issue where a debug string was present in the Ancient Ward Potion status effect tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue where Cleansing Elixir was not properly removing certain status effects applied by Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff abilities.



  • Added new PvP Perks to go along with the PvP Rewards Track:

    • Penetrating Backstab: Backstabs penetrate 10% of a player's armor.

    • Penetrating Headshot: Headshots penetrate 7% of a player's armor.

    • Fractured Rend: When block breaking a player, inflict Rend, which reduces their damage absorption by 12% for 4s.

    • Purifying Crits

      : Critical hits remove 1 buff from a player (Cooldown 10s).

    • Exhausted Exploitation: Hits against Exhausted targets inflict Slow, reducing movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds. (Can not re-trigger on same target).

    • Alacritous Punishment: Deal 8% additional damage to players with Haste.

    • Sturdy Fortification: Blocking attacks adds a stack of 4% Fortify on self for each blocked hit (Max Stack 5).

    • Shirking Heals: After successfully dodging an attack, heal for 100 health (Each armor piece with this perk adds a stack).

    • Siege Ward: Receive 6% less damage from siege weapons.

    • Mortal Empowerment: Player kills grant a persistent 2% damage bonus that lasts either 20 minutes, or until downed, death, or game mode exit. Duration refreshes on re-application. (Stacks up to 15 times, cannot be cleansed).

    • Invigorated Punishment: Abilities deal 3% bonus damage per buff on target. (Cap of 8).

    • Shirking Empower: After successfully dodging an attack, obtain Empower, which increases damage dealt by 4% for 10s. It refreshes when a new stack is applied (Stacks 4 times).


  • Critical Retribution: Fixed an issue where the tooltip cooldown did not show the accurate value.

  • Elemental Attunement: Fixed an issue where this perk did not trigger off all abilities.

  • Elemental Attunement: Updated the tooltip to better clarify why it may not work with certain abilities.

  • Efficient Burnout: Fixed an issue where the buff applied by this perk used debug text.

  • Elemental Damage Gems: Fixed an issue that caused certain abilities to deal less total damage when elemental damage gems were equipped.

  • Freedom: Fixed an issue where this perk did not specify that it affected Root.

  • Freedom: Removed Silence from the tooltip since the only Silence currently present in the game are AOEs, and their duration cannot be modified.

  • Gathering Efficiency: Increased effectiveness of the perk from a range of 5% to 20%, to a higher range of 25% to 100%, and updated tooltips to indicate that the speed increase is a percent of the base speed, rather than the total.

  • Keen Vault Kick: Fixed an issue that allowed “Vault Kick” to apply the buff associated with this perk when the perk was not equipped.

  • Mortal Empowerment: Fixed an issue where the player could bring the empower bonus into other game modes.

  • Nullifying Oblivion: Fixed an issue where this perk would remove any effects from persistent AoEs.

  • Plagued Crits: Fixed a spelling error in the description.

  • Plagued Crits: Fixed an issue with this perk's description in the Trading Post.

  • Plagued Crits: Fixed an issue where this perk only applied from random Crits and not from Headshots or Backstabs.

  • Plagued Strikes: Fixed a spelling error in the description.

  • Pylon Burst: Fixed an issue where the AoE burst from this perk could not be blocked.

  • Trenchant Rend: Fixed an issue where the inflicted debuff was incorrectly labeled as Frost Attunement.


  • Fixed an issue where perk attributes persisted on the player when upgrading an item's gear score.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Elemental Attunement Perks to not trigger off all abilities. Also added clarification to the tooltip to better explain why it would not proc off certain abilities.

  • Fixed an issue that caused DoTs and persistent conditions to unintentionally trigger the damage bonus from the weapon's "Shirking" perks.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Insatiable Gravity Well" perk to trigger damage when other weapons were unsheathed, if the perk was slotted into armor.



  • Boss AI in Invasions are no longer impacted by Gravity Well.


  • Outpost Rush consumables now have a max stack size of 100 (was 10).

  • Increased the quantity of items granted from gathering Trees, Ore, and Rawhide resources.

  • Increased the speed at which items are gathered by 30%.

  • Added Armories to each Fort spawn.

  • Tuned capture point timing, minimum time is now 10s (was 30s) and each player reduces the time to capture by 10s.

  • Reduced the Skinning experience granted by Outpost Rush Wolves.

  • Players can now shoot projectiles through their own spawn doors.

  • Players now get credit for kills inflicted by Damage Over Time attacks.

  • The Outpost Rush resources counter will now correctly reset after the match is completed.

  • Opening Outpost Rush loot bags from slain enemies but not collecting the contents will no longer destroy the bag’s resources.


  • Reworked the bonuses received from Faction Control Points. The bonuses are now as follows:

    • Brightwood: Camping no longer costs resources.

    • Cutlass Keys: Increases global gathering luck by 10%.

    • Ebonscale Reach: Decreases the cost of items in the faction store by 5%.

    • Everfall: Increases the amount of Azoth Salt gained by 10%.

    • First Light: Increases global refining yield by 10%.

    • Monarch Bluffs: Increases all experience gains by 5%.

    • Mourningdale: Increase the gearscore ceiling of crafting by 5. The maximum gearscore you can roll is still 600.

    • Reekwater: Increases the amount of PvP Experience gained by 5%.

    • Restless Shores: All fast travel is now free.

    • Weaver’s Fen: Decreases global tax values by 10%.

    • Windsward: Increases the chance that a consumable isn’t consumed on use by 10%.

  • Added a speculative fix for the Fort area to properly restrict it during some wars. We will continue to monitor the forums to see if players are still encountering this rare issue.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from replacing fort turrets.



  • PvP Consumables have been added to the game along with the release of PvP Arenas.

  • Added refinement recipes to the Gypsum Kilm to refine single stat perk items from multistat perk items.

  • We realized there were too few effective gathering loops for Starmetal, Orichalcum ore, Gold, and Platinum. As a result we made the following changes:

    • Added new spawn locations for Starmetal and Orichalcum to the world across 8+ zones. Players can now farm these resources in more locations throughout Aeternum.

    • Updated respawn times of Starmetal and Orichalcum to match Iron Ore. This is a ~33% reduction for Starmetal and ~50% reduction for Orichalcum respawn times. That means you can now farm these resources more frequently.

    • Updated respawn times of Gold and Platinum to match Silver Ore. This is a ~33% reduction for Gold and a ~80% reduction for Platinum respawn times. Good luck and happy mining.

  • Tier 4 hides are currently more rare than we would like, while Tier 5 hides are more abundant. This unintentionally caused a bottleneck at Tier 4 hides, making Tier 5 hides less valuable. We have made changes to the level bands at which creatures drop specific tiers of hides to help alleviate the issue. We will continue to monitor this and assess if any future changes are needed to improve the value and volume of T5 hides.

    • Changed level ranges in which creatures drop hides.

      • New/Updated Level Ranges:

        • T1 = 1 to 35

        • T4 = 36 to 55

        • T5 = 56 to 66

      • Previous Level Ranges:

        • T1 = 1 to 41

        • T4 = 36 to 50

        • T5 = 46 to 66


  • Barbarian scarf no longer clips with nude chest.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the cape of the Stormbound apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Empress Zhou's Embroidered Tunic apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Engineer's Set apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Heavy Smyhle apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Isabella's Chestplate apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Jadeite Dragon apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Jadeite Dragon apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Knight of Devotion apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Mixer's Set apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Moonborne apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Neishatun's Breastplate apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Obelisk Priest's Robe apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Red Ripping Hood apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Reinforced Shatterer's Heavy Gauntlets of the Sentry apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Skinner Shirt apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Starbound apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Stormbound apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Varangian Chestplate apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Winter Wanderer's Cloak apparel.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Imbued Waxen Cloak.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Smyhle Breastplate.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Old Amulet item to not properly roll with a gem slot. As a result, it was impossible to attain Legendary rarity even with a high gear score.

  • Lowered the emissive (glow) levels on Mutator weapons.

  • Fixed visual issues with the Barbarian Bruiser helmet and chest.

  • Added missing cores for the Depths Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlets.

  • Fixed the VFXs on the Draconian Edge with gems applied.

  • Fixed the VFXs on the Twin Beasts with gems applied.

  • Fixed Gleaming Pitch Great Axe VFXs.

  • Fixed an issue where the player would unintentionally spin after leaving the Romantic Swooning Crouch interaction.

  • Updated the punching animation to have footsteps.

  • Fixed an issue where the player's leg would jitter during the Tree Pose emote.

  • Fixed an issue where the player's ankle would bend incorrectly during the Ballerina emote.

  • Fixed the rotation on the Fire's Breath Fire Staff so that it's facing the correct orientation.


  • Players can now stack fishing trophies so it's consistent with other trophies.

  • Adjusted fishing trophy impact to account for the new stacking capabilities.

  • Fixed bobber and splash visuals that incorrectly appeared on land.


  • Fixed an issue where the Blunderbuss "Last Argument" was incorrectly labeled as musket.

  • Removed Gem Sockets from Invasion Shields. Shields are not supposed to have gem sockets, and this brings Invasion Shields back in line with other shields.

  • The Blackguard's Void Gauntlet was previously changed to Refreshing Evasion. The intention was to create an identity for the Blackguard's mage items and create synergy with the Light Armor Drops in the Tempest's Heart. Based on feedback, it will revert back to Plagued Crits.

  • Removed weight from some quests items.

  • Increased the durability of all T1 gathering tools.

  • Elite chests now have a 15% chance to drop 50 umbral.

  • Lucky Rabbit foot is now on a lucksafe table.

  • T5 mana potions drop chance reduced by 50%.

  • T4 mana potions drop chance reduced by 25%.

  • Legendary refinement materials drop chances in aptitude boxes have been reduced.

  • Legendary refinement materials drop chances in gathering have been increased.

  • Skinning legendary refinement materials have been reduced.

  • Rarities on Legendary refinement and legendary materials have been adjusted so that the refinement is now epic and the refined materials are now legendary.

  • Disabled the ability to drag Umbral Shards, Gems, or Repair Kits directly from Storage onto equipped items. This should prevent instances where upgrading shows you the wrong amount of available shards in certain instances.

  • Fixed an issue that caused loot bags to sometimes disappear while a player was interacting with it.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to deposit items into a loot bag that was about to disappear.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Isabella's Amulet to not be given to subsequent characters.

  • Trashing Vines no longer drop in-game. Added a speculative fix to convert any existing ones into Clumps of Withering Briar. We will continue to monitor the forums to see if players are still encountering this rare issue.



  • Fixed an issue where main menu lost SFX after entering the game and exiting back into the main menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the player could remain crouched or prone while moving with the inventory open.

  • Fixed an issue with camping available notifications overlapping.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Connection Error popup message to spam repeatedly.

  • Fixed the icon for unlimited ammo status.

  • Quickslot consumable cooldown and usability indicators should now appear as intended.

  • The correct attributes are now displayed when viewing a weapon to equip in the inventory.

  • Fixed solid black background on icons.

  • Fixed issue where the Reward Container UI would show that you had gained Expertise for a 600GS item when you were already at 600 Expertise.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Chain Lightning perks appeared in the Trading Post's perks selection list.

  • Updated blunderbuss damage to reflect per pellet damage. It will now show base damage x6.


  • We now show an error message when you attempt to pick up items if the character inventory is already at the maximum item limit.

  • Added the ability to change skills and spend skill points based on whether the player is in or out of combat, instead of blocking when the player had an ability on cooldown.

  • Added a tooltip to explain how to increase mana regen on the Attribute menu.

  • Added new visuals to the ultimate ability in the Weapon Mastery screen to clarify that 10 perk points were needed to unlock it.

  • Added the ability to rotate the camera with the map open by holding the Right Mouse Button.

  • Added the Mutator Difficulty Level to always be shown on the HUD for players and Twitch viewers.

  • The Daily Mission Bonus UI should now always update properly, even if you have the Faction Mission window open when it resets.

  • Disabled the ability to open reward containers if your inventory is full.

  • The left side list no longer resets after crafting an item. This should help when choosing to craft again.

  • Improved player feedback when choosing between different weapon abilities.

  • Added notifications and effects to celebrate salvaging items.

  • We now hide Trading Post contracts for invalid items in the search browser.

  • Any company member can now take control of a company after the Governor is inactive for 25 days. This new feature follows the Consuls’ current ability to take control of a company after the Governor is inactive for 15 days.

  • Spirit shrines will now have their correct name displayed on the respawn screen for better clarity.

  • A reticle will now appear on the map over a currently selected respawn location.

  • Added a notification for when the player joins a game mode with not enough room in their inventory to accept rewards.

  • The Upgrade tooltip now lists how many more resources you’ll need for upgrades, instead of the total amount required.


  • Fixed a variety of translation UI issues.

  • Gleaming and Waxen items are now properly localized.

  • The "View Expedition" button found on the map is now properly localized.

  • The description for the Expedition Mutation, "Arboreal," is now properly localized.


  • Fixed several VO issues impacting the following NPCs:

    • Architect Na Li

    • Barkeep Cecila Polly

    • Evelyn Van Heck

    • Father Russo

    • Samuel Bloodgood

    • The Heretic

  • Fixed mismatched French VO and subtitles for Hunter Samuel Worthington Bloodgood III.

  • Isabella’s VO that triggers prior to the final encounter is now easier for players to hear.

  • Fixed major portal and minor hive spawning sounds.

  • Updated the Scrying table decor item to play SFX when a player interacts with it.

  • Updated the Earth Shell Turtle SFX to match other magical creatures in volume.

  • Updated the Blunderbuss Net Shot and Claw Shot abilities to not make a ringing metallic sound.

  • The Shattered Bleed SFX is now easier for players to hear.

  • Added SFX to the Armillary Dial housing item.

  • Changed the SFX for minor banners to a softer and less aggressive sound.

  • Music will progressively get muffled and detuned when the player is at low health (<25%).

  • Resolved an issue where boss music would not continue playing after a player was revived. However, when a player respawns after Death’s Door, boss music will no longer play in order to stop the music from restarting.

  • Updated the distance from which players can hear Elk breathing.

  • The previous gallop emote SFX was replaced, but only for the player using it.

  • The gallop emote SFX audio levels have been lowered for everyone but the player using it.

  • The sent/received chat whisper SFX was replaced. It now plays a “ding” every time a message is received.

Thanks for your support. We’ll see you in Aeternum!