A New World!

New World's still bubbling away as Amazon Game Studios has been rolling out consistent updates since the game was released.

However, for those just diving into the game, or are looking at making upgrades to their camp, you may want to get some insight into how to obtain the Tier 2 Camp!

How To Get A Tier 2 Camp In New World

A Tier 2 Camp is the second version of the regular camp that players gain access to right away at the onset of their adventure within the game.

Some of the benefits that players will get when it comes to a better camp include:

  • Better Food
  • New Potions
  • New Weapon Coatings

So, if you're looking to make the jump to the next tier, than it's a rather easy process, and it won't invole much.

Essentially, players will just need to level up their character, and once they reach a certain milestone, they'll be granted a new Survivalist quest, and doing these will grant you more tiers for your camp.

The levels these quests unlock are as follows.

  • Tier 1 Camp: Level 5
  • Tier 2 Camp: Level 15
  • Tier 3 Camp: Level 25
  • Tier 4 Camp: Level 40
  • Tier 5 Camp: Level 55