Weapons and Enemies!

New World has just received its first major content update, titled Into the Void. Players have a new weapon to use in the game’s unique real time combat, as well as a new enemy type to try it out on.

Here's everything you need to know about the Into the Void update for New World, and how to make the most of the latest additions.

The New Weapon: Void Gauntlets

The Void Gauntlets are the newest weapon to be added to New World. Unlike other magic weapons that are either damage or support items, the Void Gauntlets are a healthy mix of the two. They feature some damage abilities as well as others that do damage and support your team. The Void Gauntlets are also the first weapon in the game to scale with intelligence and focus, which can make them hard to use with other dexterity and strength weapons.

The Void Gauntlets have two main trees: Annihilation, which focuses on damage output; and Decay, which focuses on healing and debuffs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, however there are a few abilities in each tree that can be combined to great effect.

How To Use The Void Gauntlets In New World

The Void Gauntlets aren’t exactly designed to be your main weapon. Instead, they’re supposed to serve as your secondary weapon and complement whatever you use in your primary slot. You aren't limited to using just magical items like the ice gauntlet with it either — a sword or hammer will suit you just fine.

The Void Gauntlets aren't the best for solo play in PvE or PvP. Their range isn’t great, and they fire a rather slow projectile in comparison to the bow or musket. However, they can be a good fit for group PvP or PvE encounters. If you're a support character in a group with some tanks and DPS players, Void Gauntlets make a decent secondary.

Void Blade is the first skill you'll want to invest in. It has high DPS in comparison to the other available perks and can help you grind out Void Gauntlet mastery levels. Once you've earned those levels, you'll want to get Oblivion along with its two upgrades. Oblivion weakens enemies around you in a circle and empowers you as well, causing you to do more damage; it also replenishes your stamina.

Essence Rupture should also be on your list of perks to get. It's an ability that fires a projectile that affects targets for 10 seconds. Anyone who hits that target heals for 20% of the damage they do. This perk is great for groups and incentivizes players to focus on the same enemy. It has a small cooldown, too — just 16.5 seconds. Essence Rupture can be further upgraded to steal stamina on hits, and Oblivion counts towards these hits.

Your final skill slot is really up to your playstyle. With Oblivion and Essence Rupture equipped, you’re already getting most of the utility out of your Void Gauntlets. Experiment and see what works for you!

The Varangian Knights Have Invaded

The Varangian Knights are a new class of enemy that can be found in Aeternum's South East areas such as Monarch Bluff. They are vassals of Varik "The Hammer" Iznov and led by Lord Commander Attalus.

As of now, the Varangian Knights are composed of Varangian Scouts, Knights, Archers, and Hewers. They hang out in camps just like other enemies in mining camps. Be prepared, though, as they are much more dexterous than the undead enemies you may be used to fighting. They’re not all that tougher once you get used to them, but they offer different attack patterns for players to learn.

How To Fight The Varangian Knights

Most of the Varangian Knights are fairly low level given their position on the map, and they shouldn't cause you too much trouble during fights. The main thing to remember is that they can use their weapons much faster than the undead.

Don't pull more than two at a time, or you may find yourself getting stunlocked for long periods of time. It’s best to take them one at a time where possible. If you are in a group, however, feel free to pull as many as you'd like. There is the occasional elite enemy that can take a few more hits, but if you've played any PvP then these enemies should be just fine for you to tackle.