A brand new battle pass?

Overwatch 2 has been hyped up for quite some time now, and since the PVP beta, fans have been craving more Overwatch content or news.

Now, Blizzard have gone ahead and revealed the full release date for players, along with one of the new characters going to playable on day one!

Overwatch 2 Reveals Release Date and New Tank Hero

While we've heard lots about OW2 in recent months, we still didn't know when the game was going to fully release for players worldwide.

Well now, players can jump into the brand new PVP and PVE adventure on October 4th, 2022 and it'll also be free to play for everyone!

Overwatch 2 also revealed a brand new Tank Hero that players will surely learn more about within the coming weeks/months in the form of Junker Queen.

We can assume she's somewhat related to Junkrat, and we're still waiting to hear about her abilites, so stay tuned for this information sometime soon!