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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the next main stream entry into the iconic Pokemon series, and with the game now fully released, players are amped to dive in.

With this game featuring an entire new cast of Pokemon, there's loads of classics returning once again!

However, one aspect remains the same and that is shiny Pokemon, and we're going to runover how to tell if a Pokemon is shiny within Scarlet and Violet!

How To Tell If A Pokemon Is Shiny In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Shiny Pokemon are some of the most luring out there, as they're incredibly rare, and there's entire fandoms commited to hunting down these Pokemon.

As of now, the odds to encounter a shiny, let along catch one is around 1/4096. Which is pretty staggering to say the least, that's essentially catching the entire Pokedex four times!

In order to tell if a Pokemon is shiny or not, you'll notice the Pokemon right away compared to others, as it'll be slightly off-colored compared to the other ones there.

As well, when you go into battle, there will be a special noise and animation to indiciate that the Pokemon is indeed shiny.