Best Of The Best

Rainbow Six Siege has soared since it was released nearly seven years ago, and we're quickly coming up on the seventh year anniversary of the game.

Now, they've released another event for players to take part in, and this time around its the biggest one yet, Extraction.

Extraction takes some of the beloved Operators from the Siege lineup and pits them against the horde.

However, some are going to be vastly more useful than others, and we're going to run over the best ones you can use!

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Operators

Similar to Siege Ranked, some Operators are going to make your experience within Extraction largely easier simply due to their abilites and weapons.

However, this isn't to say you can't use any Operator, we're just going to recomend them!

Below is a quick rundown of some of the best Operators you can use in Rainbow Six Siege Extraction and what sets them apart from others.

  • Finka
    • Finka's ability allows her to give players a boost in health, ADS speed and movement. Ideal for an event where every second counts.
  • Ela
    • Her Stun mines are exceptional for holding down defensive sites and hindering the horde from coming in blazing fast.
  • Vigil
    • Most Siege players are well aware of Vigil's being stealthy around the map, and this is the case in Extraction.
  • Doc
    • Another Operator that has a specility in healing. Doc carries Stim Shots on his back, that can get you and your teammates out of a jam quickly.