Rainbow Six Siege has just released its seventh season in the form of Operation Demon Veil, and with this comes a brand new game mode in Team Deathmatch.

A fantastic way to warm up and just try out some new weapons, there are some handy tips and tricks we can provide you in order to help your gameplay!

Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks For Team Deathmatch

While at the end of the day this game mode is bascially going to come down to raw aim and where you are on the map, there's some methods that we can go about to get us more kills.

As well, be sure to check this game mode out with Operator's weapons you use often, and get to test out the new sights in the game to see which ones you prefer best.

So, we're going to runover some basic tips and tricks in order to help you out during your Siege TDM games!

  • Position yourself
    • If you're in good spots holding common angles for players to run by, you'll get a flurry of kills
  • Don't sprint around the map
    • This one goes without saying, but the spawns on the TDM maps aren't the best, and sprinting around the map isn't going to help you out either
  • Be fast
    • When you kill one enemy, there's bound to be more around the corner, so always be fast on your feet!