Rocket League has pushed live its latest update over night, which is going to set the tide for players looking to dive into the game once again.

With Rocket League soaring as of late, players are eager to see what's changed in this small, but important update.

Rocket League 2.13 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed appearance of ‘Startrack’ Rocket Boost and Trail when previewing from a Blueprint
  • When backing out of a Playlist, fixed UI focus so you return to the previously selected Playlist card instead of defaulting to Casual
  • Fixed a UI error taking focus off of the Change Playlist/Training menu if selected by a player after a match
  • [Xbox] Improved boot times and general stability
  • Moved placement of Neo Tokyo (Comic) on the Arena list

Known Issues

  • Before v2.13, in a small percentage of Casual matches, a spectator would sometimes join a team, creating uneven teams
    • We believe this issue may be unique to v2.12
    • If this bug persists, we have added additional error logging to the game client with this update so we can better identify and resolve the issue