Rocket League is a game that has always been about movement and this has been the case over recent months, with the skill gap increasing everyday.

If you're looking to improve at Rocket League you're going to need to learn how to Speed Flip, and we're going to run over this now!

How To Speed Flip In Rocket League

Bascially, most high-level Rocket League players are using the Speed Flip every game, as it serves as a replacement for the regular car clip, and it also adds incredible speed to it.

This move can be tricky to learn, but once you do, you'll be a master at it in no time!

In order to perform this advance move, you're going to want to begin the process of flipping your car forward, and once you've begun this, lean your joystick to one of the directions you want to go.

Then, quickly cancel the flip by pulling the joystick in a downwards movement, and this should cancel the flip, and therefore, making a Speed Flip!