The beloved Skate franchise was ones upon a time, the premier skateboaring game on Xbox and PlayStation, and since they announced Skate 4, fans have been eager for any news.

Now, we've recently heard some news pertaining to some of the customization options going to be present within Skate 4, and we're amped!

Skate 4 May Let Players Create Skateparks Together In Real-Time

There was recently a decent sized leak that revealed some of the context and information coming to Skate 4, and this was later talked about on Jeff Grubb's Grubbsnax show. 

Grubb has seen some of the Skate 4 action, and it overall impressed with the game, and the online free-play segement is what we're concerned with.

Grubb has noted the following on the game mode.

"This is a mode where you are hanging out with your friends or anyone else who is going to hop onto the server and then anyone on the server can say, ‘Hey, does anyone want to try and lay down some tricks with me over here on this thing?"

“And people can work together to make these parks all at the same time [in real-time]"

"You can add stuff, delete stuff on the fly, and the people that have played this mode said this was kind of the standout where it was just really fun to do that with friends and with other people.”