Short Life

The Steam Deck has long and been one of the most exciting products that players are itching to get their hands on when it releases shortly.

However, over the course of the leadup to the products release, we never really heard any news pertaining to the battery life of the Steam Deck.

Now, we've discovered how long we'll be able to truley game on the go!

Steam Deck Battery Life Is Shorter Than We Hoped

The upcoming release of the Steam Deck is one that we cannot wait for, as other reporters have claimed it's the most innovative piece of hardware we've seen in quite some time.

With this said, while we all want to be gaming our PC titles on the go, the one question that's been lingering in our minds, is the battery life. has noted that during a playtest, GamersNexus only recieved half an hour of the Steam Deck's battery when trying to play Devil May Cry 5 with an uncapped frame rate.

However, it appears when you limit the consoles FPS to 60, and reduce the resolution settings, you seem to get more battery life!