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Valorant has been making waves within the gaming world since it was released back in 2020, and with the esports scene soaring thanks to VCT; more players are jumping in every day.

However, the game has a massive smurfing issue, as players who don't want to play on their high ranked accounts, make new accounts, throw their placement games so they can get into elo such as Silver and Bronze.

While fans claim 2FA will solve this issue, some Riot developers note how it's a bigger issue than that.

Valorant Devs Claims 2FA Won't Solve Smurfing

Smurfing as a whole has been a problem within ranked games for quite some time, but it has surfaced to become a large issue within the game as of late.

This is mainly due to players no lower elo such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Plat getting into lobbies with players on their smurf accounts when they're actually ranked Immortal or sometimes Radiant.

This is clearly an issue, as this ruins players games and it causes frustation for everyone within the lobby, as who wants to play against someone, two to four ranks above you.

The Valorant Reddit has been highly critical of this issue, and Riot Games developer 'EvrMoar' took to the comments to address certain claims that 2FA can resolve most of smurfs.

EvrMoar noted "Every decision we’ve made for ranked has always had the question ‘will this reduce smurfing’ or ‘how can we change this to reduce smurfing’ during the design phase?'”

"Two factor is a double-edged sword,” and further noted "While two-factor can reduce smurfs, it’s not a silver bullet."

One interesting note is how Riot has taken into consideration that not eveyone has access to a phone or a stable PC to enable 2FA;

“By enabling two factor we figure that 3% of players would no longer be able to access ranked nor have the money to solve their access to ranked.”

So, we'll have to wait and see if there's ever going to be a fix for smurfing within Valorant.