What's next for Valorant?

Valorant's latest patch prompted the release of a brand new Episode in Episode 5 Act 1, and the introduction of the map Pearl.

Now, players are waiting for the first official patch of the new season, and we have some news about what's to come for Valorant.

Release Date

The new Valorant patch will release on July 12th.

5.01 Patch Notes

Below are all the changes coming in this patch!


  • Grenade Size has been reduced from 10m -> 8m

  • Damage for your grenade no longer needs line of sight (this means damage can happen behind a box)

  • Ultimate now only plays the revival sound for Allies while Enemies hear a short sound at the start.


  • Flash Max duration increased 1.1s -> 1.5s

  • Flash Windup Time decreased .7s -> .5s

  • Your weapon will equip earlier if you stop bending the wall while in use.

  • After using your ultimate, you will regain the amount of shield you had previously.


  • Ultimate Duration time increased from 10s -> 12s
  • Unequip time has been reduced from 1.2s >>> 0.8s

Smurf Detection

  • Currently being tested in NA. Starting with today's patch, all new accounts will be matched up with players similar to their skill levels faster to prevent smurfing.

Pearl added to Ranked