With Valorant being one of then premier tactical shooters to have released since CS:GO, Riot has placed a major emphasis on in-game cosmetics.

These elusive skin bundles are all the rave when they release, and the next one will catch some players eye when you're using it in game!

What Is The Next Valorant Skin Bundle?

Fans of the game are already aware that Valorant has some pretty amazing skin bundles already. From the Prime set to the Forsaken one, it's hard to pin-point just one that Valorant fans love the most.

With Valorant also just having past its two year anniversary, Riot has released its new bundle a few weeks back.

ValorLeaks has been all over the new bundle, and it's going to feature cosmetics for the following weapons.

  • Specter
  • Guardian
  • Vandle
  • Shorty
  • Melee

The bundle itself will run players 7100 Valorant Points and regarding the future skin bundle, we'll be sure to update this page as we hear more news about what's next after the Neptune bundle.