Releasing Soon

Modern Warfare 2 is the new iteration of the legendary Call of Duty franchise, and with the game soaring in beta, there's plently of weapons for players to use.

With the campaign now fully released for players, we're looking ahead to the much anticipated multiplayer release.

Here's when Modern Warfare 2 will release worldwide.

When Does Modern Warfare 2 Release? Full Release Date and Time

The latest iteration of COD has been a hit since it was released in beta, and players are loving the new changes they've made to the Modern Warfare engine.

However, with the Open Beta coming to a close, fans will now have to wait a bit longer for the actual release of the game.

For players interested into when Modern Warfare 2 will fully release, it'll be just over a month as the game is currently slated to release worldwide on October 28th, 2022.

With this release, players will also be able to pre-load the digital editions of the game pior to the full release of the game, and will be able to jump into the action as soon as the game goes live!

Ahead of the release, be sure to get equipped with the proper gear, espciailly a new keyboard and mouse.