Best of the Best

Vanguard has been the latest release into the legendary Call of Duty franchise, and once again players are able to dive into a WW2 themed game, where the series first started.

One game mode that wasn't playable to players when Vanguard first released was Gunfight, then popular game mode first introuduced during Modern Warfare 2019.

Here's when we could expect it within Vanguard.

When Is Gunfight Coming To Vanguard

Gunfight was one of the best game modes that COD has released in numerous years, as its a good way to warm up your aim and battle it out with some of your friends.

Played on smaller maps, you and one other teammate will go up against another team of two, and play a search and destory like game mode.

While the game mode was not included during the original release of Vanguard, new leaks have reported that during a recent patch, an image for Gunfight was added into the game.

So, we could see this game mode implemented during Season 2 of Vanguard!