Secret Device

Fortnite has now released its third chapter, and with the premier of Chapter 3 Season 1, players have a whole new map to experience.

Fortnite has evolved over the years, and if you played at all during Chapter 2, you're more than aware of some of the wacky features they can add.

Challenges are of course back this season, and Epic has added some easy ones for players to get their feet off the ground for the new season.

One challenge tasks players with finding the Device hidden by the Foundation throughout the map.

Here's where players will be able to find it!  

Where To Find The Device In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

As most of you already know, challenges are a fantastic way for players to gain a head start on their battle pass for the current season.

They grant players some incredible XP, so you'll be able to max out your battle pass faster than others.

One of these challenges requires players to find a briefcase called the Device throughout the map, and players have noticed that they're is nine Devices in total.

However, for the purpose of the challenge, you only have to find and interact with one of them, so pretty easy when it's all said and done.

Below is a quick rundown of where you'll be able to find all of them!

  • Within the Sanctuary
  • North of Daily Bugle
  • East of the Foundation Statue
  • Just south of Condo Canyon
  • South of Greasy Groove
  • A bit southwest of Coney Crossroads
  • North of Logjam Lumberyard
  • North of Camp Cuddle
  • East past the island near the Foundation Staute