Sons of the Forrest has officially launched in early access, and given the success of it's other entry, The Forrest, there's no telling how high this game can climb.

One aspect during the game that'll haunt a few players is trying to find certain materials around the map, and this includes the shovel.

Here's where you can find one within the game!

Where To Get A Shovel in Sons of the Forrest

For those who don't already know, Sons of the Forrest is a survival horror style of game, where you and up to eight players will gather materials, build bases and defend your base from monsters.

But, certain points of the progression system are locked by items you need to find around the map, including the shovel.

From what we can tell, this is your best bet to find a shovel in Sons of the Forrest.

  • Towards the center of the map, west of the snowy mountains
  • Inside a cave
  • To enter you're going to need the following gear
    • Rope Gun
    • Rebreather
    • Spear
    • Explosives.