Earlier this week, update 4.05 went live in Valorant. Updates tend to arrive to the FPS games every few weeks and while most of them go rather smoothly, the most current ones has been far from it.

In fact, since the turn of the new Act, most updates have come with some game breaking bugs.

This time, it looks like some issues are impacting ranked play as well as Spike defuses.

Here's why ranked is down in Valorant.

Valorant Competitive Queue Disabled

As tweeted by the Valorant account during the early hours of the morning:

"Thanks to your reports, we caught the bugs mentioned below and are on our way to a fix—expected within the next 1–2 hours. A bug impacting input queuing and re-equip speeds when using Raze's Blast PackThe Spike defuse sound not audible in certain situations".

However, just an hour later, the replied reversing their earlier statement:

"These bugs turned out to be trickier than we thought, so we're making the call to disable Competitive queues for now until we can get a fix in, hopefully by tomorrow."

Recently, players had been complaining on Reddit that Raze had received a stealth nerf, but it looks like she's been subject to an unfortunate glitch.

As for the Spike issue, this was reported most recently and isn't and isolated incident or restricted to a specific map. All players on all maps are experiencing it and it doesn't appear to be consistent either, but entirely random.

Is Valorant Ranked Back Up?

Currently, ranked queues are not back up and Valorant have not detailed when they will return. It may be a few days more before they return.