Apex Legends is currently undergoing an excellent period in time, as the Warrior's Collection Event is stellar, and players are enjoying the new content before the release of a brand new Legend in Season 13, in the form of Newcastle.

Speaking of Legends, most of you probably don't have all the Legends unlocked within the game. But, if you've been eager to test one out before unlocking them, than a Reddit user has found a new method!

Apex Legends: How To Play As Character's You Don't Have Unlocked

Normally, players wouldn't be able to test out new Legends before they have them unlocked, as it would defeat the purpose of risking your credits to see if you fancy a certain character.

But, Reddit user Dark_Infernox has discovered a way in order for players to jump into Firing Range, and use locked Legends.

But, the catch is that you have to already have Rampart unlocked in order for this method to fully work!

The method itself doesn't really make sense either, and it's going to be complete luck in terms of the Legend you get to test out in Firing Range.

All they did was select Rampart in the lobby, and load straight into Firing Range. Once doing this, the game will give you a random ability set, and you'll be able to test out a new character free of charge!