Apex Legends is currently undergoing an excellent period in time, as the Warrior's Collection Event is stellar, and players are enjoying the new content before the release of a brand new Legend in Season 13, in the form of Newcastle.

With the new season, we're bound to see some new game modes such as the recently released LTM Control, and Apex Legends leakers have uncovered a brand new game mode in the works.

Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Ball Game LTM

This was a series of leaks presented in flurry of videos posted by leaker HYPERMYST, and in short, the new game mode will have players duke it out against one another, with the goal of scoring the ball in the other teams goal.

Sorta like a Oddball/Soccer/Basketball mix of a game mode, but the most interesting aspect of the game mode, is that it's played on Titanfall 2 map, Colony.

While a release date for the LTM is unknown as of now, this will certainly create some silly antics on Apex Legends, and we're looking forward to seeing it sometime soon!