Apex Legends Season 14 has launched, and the addition of Vantage has shaken up the meta quite a bit.

With new weapons, but changes to the floor loot and what weapons appear in Supply Drop, the Kraber has been soley within the care package for numerous seasons now.

However, Respawn has gone ahead and nerfed it for Season 14, and well, players aren't exactly happy with it, citing that it's now useless.

Apex Legends Players Aren't Happy With The Kraber In Season 14

Nerfing the Kraber is one of the more controversial decisions that Respawn has made in quite some time. As the powerful sniper rifle is only obtainable via random care packages that spawn across the map, and it isn't even promised when one lands.

So, your odds of using the Kraber within a match are rather low to begin with, and now Respawn has reduced the damage to 140, along with the headshot multiplier to only 2X.

This has caused quite the reaction from Apex players on Reddit, as a viral post by u/GhostxFilter has cited numerous issues with the weapon, including the following.

"But now? It's useless. There's no point in taking it. The only thing that's changed is the damage, so given the slow speed of the gun, getting a kill with it is essetially unheard of. Previously, if you were killed by a Kraber, it meant the person using it was good, and you were killed by a skilled player. Now, if you get killed by a Kraber, it's entirely on you for being an easy target."

Numerous players agreed with the post, but we'd love to hear your side of the Kraber story, so be sure to let us know!