Apex Legends Season 13 has been released for quite some time, and with the new addition of Newcastle, players have been rather vocal with their concerns they've had this season.

One Reddit post has gone viral, and it aims to coordinate a halt in gameplay so Respawn hear's the wide issues that players currently have with the game.

Apex Legends May Go On Strike To Protest Issues

Apex is in a wierd place at the moment, coming off the whirlwind of success in Season 12, changes were drastically made to core parts of the game.

Aspects such as the Ranked system, and the loot pool have been heavily tweaked this season, and players aren't too found of the changes.

One Reddit post by user LaughingPrince, has gained nearly 5000 upvotes and notes how they want to coordinate a day where everyone stops playing Apex.

"Apex runs pretty poorly and all the apex sub reddit are just a mix of Xbox input lag, audio issues, not being able to log in, hit regs, invincible wraith, loba bracelet not working. And plenty more. Maybe just maybe if we could all pick one day to not log on EA and Respawn will have an oh shit moment. Would be cool if we blow this post up and this works! Next Tuesday maybe?"

Whether or not this actually happens is unknown as of now, but perhaps with the attention it has gained, we could see something?