Apex Legends Season 14 will be releasing on August 9th, 2022 and with every new Apex season, they tend to release a brand new Legend for players to check out.

This will once again be the case, and thanks to the massive Apex leak, we already knew it was going to be the tactical sniper in the form of Vantage.

Here's all we know about the new Legend

Apex Legends Vantage: Abilities

One can make the comparison of Vantage to Chamber within Valroant, and while we haven't seen actual gameplayer of Vantage to this point, thanks to the datamine we know the abilites of Vantage.

These can be viewed down below.

  • Passive ⁠— Sniper Kit: Tactical info available in ADS unarmed or any long-range scopes (Legend name, shield rarity, team size, and range).
  • Tactical ⁠— Echo Launch: Launch towards your winged companion, Echo. Order Echo by tapping Q. Launch to Echo by holding Q.
  • Ultimate ⁠— Mark to Kill: A custom rifle that scans enemies and boosts damage for Vantage and her squad. Damage doubles for Vantage on successive shots. The team gets a 15% bonus on marked targets.

So, in the meantime, we're going to have to wait and see what the actual lore of Vantage seems to be. But, for now, Respawn have posted the first Stories From The Outlands for Vantage.

This can also be watched down below.