While Call of Duty fans are still waiting for the release of Modern Warfare 2, there's been some new rumors that have been ciruclating the industry.

One of these is notable, as it details that Sledgehammer Games is apparently developing a sequel to 2014 title, Advanced Warfare.

Here's what we know!

Rumor: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 In Development At Sledgehammer Games

The new rumors come from a report by who first made this public, and while fans of the series don't know what to believe anymore, their may be some subtance here.

As for those who don't know, Sledgehammer has been developing strictly WW2 era CODs in recent times, with Call of Duty WW2 and Call of Duty Vanguard, so they may be looking to change it up.

In the report by WhatIfGaming, they've noted the following.

"Sledgehammer Games aims to strip away from World War shooters, and instead return to the battlegrounds of the future, ushering back in an era of Advanced Warfare on the now unified IW 9.0 engine."

So, whether or not this pans out to be true is still unknown, and it would be at least 3-4 years until it's Sledgehammer's time to release another COD.

Stay tuned for latest news!