Modern Warfare 2 is slowly ramping up the news, and espicially due to the beta coming in just a few short days.

However, in the latest intel drop by Infinity Ward, some eagel eyed fans have spotted what appears to be the return of two fan favorite game modes.

Here's what we know!

Modern Warfare 2 To Feature Two Fan Favorite Game Modes

Infinity Ward's been rather quiet in terms of releasing content in preperation for the beta this coming weekend for MW2.

But, in what appears to be the last intel drop before the game releases, some leakers/players within the community spotted a very familiar icons.

TheGhostofHope managed to freeze frame the image, and it has bascially been confirmed that Domination and Capture The Flag will be once again some of the core game modes within Modern Warfare 2.

This doesn't come as a surprise really, as these games have been in nearly every COD for as long as we can remember, it's just nice to get some validation before the beta!