A staple of German rifles

With Vanguard now in the wild for players to enjoy, users are exploring the many weapons available and there's been some familiar faces when it comes to popular WW2 guns, and the Kar98K is one of these.

The German Sniper Rifle has often been a staple of COD over the years, and we've seen it's popularity shine in recent years, especially in Warzone.

Within Vanguard, you're able to build an incredible Kar98 loadout that is kitted for high damage and quick scoping.

Here's the best loadout for the Kar98K in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Best Kar98K Class for Vanguard

With a staggering, 10 attachments to pick on your weapon, you're truly spoilt for choice.
When choosing your attachments, you'll want to consider what attachments will improve this weapons weak areas and how you tend to play.
The Kar98K has a flurry of attachments and you're able to build the weapon into the exact playstyle you want to play with while using the Kar.
Throughout this build, you're going to quickly notice we're targeting speed and firepower in favor of hardscaping and ammo capacity, which we think is the best loadout to use.


  • Muzzle
    • F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel
    • VDD RE02K
  • Optic
    • ME8/Slate 2.5X Custom
  • Stock
    • Short Stock
  • Underbarrel
    • SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Magazine
    • 8mm Klauser 3 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type
    • Lengthened
  • Rear Grip
    • Fabric Grip
  • Proficiency
    • Quickscope
  • Kit
    • Deep Breath
This setup is tailored to best suited for a more offensive playstyle, with a key emphasis on quickscoping and getting up close and personal with enemies while using the Kar.
We've selected a bulk of these attachments as they greatly increase the sprint to fire speed of the Kar, and how powerful the weapon can be with one shot kills.
There's some Muzzle attachments that are decent for the Kar, but with most weapons within the game we've opted for the F8 Stabilizer, giving you increased accuracy and damage range.
Your Barrel choice comes down to a few options, but the larger one-hit-kill area that the VDD RE02k offers is to good to pass up.
Your Optic comes down to preference in my opinion with the diversity that the M38/Slate 2.5X Custom offers being one of the premier options.
For Stock, the options aren't the best, but the Short Stock may look a bit wonky, but all of the movement and ADS bonuses it has, is too good to not choose when making a mobile Kar loadout.
The Underbarrel option is another attachment that allows players to become more mobile, and this is because of the increased sprint to fire speed that the SMLE Pistol Grip gives players.
The Magazine attachments are rather poor for the Kar, and while the 3 Round Mags may seem weird to use. It really isn't that terrible, as three bullets will net you three kills if you hit your shots, and these mags also offer increased reload speed!
We've gone with the Lengthened rounds for this setup, none of the other options are really useable. But, if you want, you can experiment with the FMJ or Subsonic rounds!
More aiming stability and movement speed comes into play with the Rear Grip choice we've opted for with the Fabric Grip.
Your Proficiency also has viable options, as while Quickscope is the premier choice thanks to the increased accuracy, you can also opt for Driller, Fleet or Icy Veins.
Your Kit options are decent for the Kar98K, with Deep Breath being the best choice for this particular loadout.


I would go with the Machine Pistol, simply because it's regarded as one of the best pistols within Vanguard. As well, you're going to need something fast if you run out of ammo in a pinch.

Lethal & Tactical

  • Throwing Knife
  • Stun Grenade

The Throwing Knife is a classic COD lethal item, and it's always a decent shout to have it equipped while using a sniper. As you never know, you may hit a gnarly trick shot every now and then.

While on the flipside, the Stun Grenade is a classic COD tactical item, and you can never go wrong with using one of these within your loadout.


  • Ghost
  • Forward Intel
  • Lightweight

Ghost will keep you off the enemy radar while is always viable at any given time. Froward Intel gives you an insight into where enemies are coming from on the map, allowing you to get into prime position to snipe them away, While we've opted for Lightweight for the last perk, more movement speed is always stellar for a mobile sniper loadout.  

Field Upgrade

  • Dead Silence

This Field Upgrade is a classic COD perk, making you silent across the map so that enemies are lost when it comes to finding out what angle you're coming from!

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