Warzone was one of the saving graces within COD in the last decade, and with Warzone 2 beig in full development and coming this year, fans are amped to say the least.

However, we haven't see anything really in regards to Warzone 2, and with the release date being leaked by internal documents, a new leak has surfaced, revealing some core gameplay features of the game.

Here's what we know!

New Warzone 2 Leak Reveals NPCs and Storage Backpacks

These leaks come from Metaaphor on Twitter, who is an avid Warzone player and leaker, and they've managed to leak quite a bit surrounding Warzone 2.

They've noted that the following features will be coming to the game.  

"Warzone 2 update

  • NPC's are in the map randomly
  • Container based looting as well as floor loot
  • Different sized backpacks (Storage space)
  • New contracts
  • Helicopter from HIGHRISE is useable
  • No more toxic gas coming into the map, its now a dust storm
  • Tires can be shot out from cars."

One of the more interestng aspects is the new feature in Backpacks. This will essentially serve as your storage unit for ammo and other equipment while playing.

TheGhostOfHope spoke on this gameplay mechanic, and noted how Backpacks will work as noted.