Throughout the gaming world, most fans associate in-game collaborations with Fortnite, but every now and then Call of Duty has been making waves with their own partnerships.

With King Kong and Godzilla taking over Caldera a while ago, there’s a brand new skin for players to obtain in the form of The Terminator.

Here’s how to get the Terminator skin in Warzone and Vanguard.

How To Get The Terminator Skin In Warzone And Vanguard

The two brand new skins aren’t actually the robotic menace himself, but instead the two new Operator skins will be aligned with some of the protagonists from the films.

T-800 and the T-1000 are the codenames for the skins, and both will be purchasbale for players within the COD store.

First we have the T-800 skin and it’ll run players 2400 COD points and will come with the following.

  • Model T-800 — Operator skin
  • Neural Net Processor — Assault Rifle blueprint
  • Motorhead — Shotgun blueprint
  • Coltan Alloy — SMG blueprint
  • Always Scanning — Charm
  • I’ll Be Back — Emblem
  • Infrared Optics — Reticle
  • Terminated — Operator finishing move
  • He’ll Live — Operator MVP highlight
  • Trust Me — Operator highlight intro

The T-1000 variant will also cost 2400 COD points and have the following.

  • Model T-1000 — Operator skin
  • Liquid Metal — SMG blueprint
  • Persistent Mission — Assault Rifle blueprint
  • Identity Theft — LMG blueprint
  • Alternative Future — Watch
  • Unstoppable — Calling Card
  • Full Chase — Emblem
  • Blocker Remover — Operator finishing move
  • My Turn — Operator highlight intro
  • I Wouldn’t Worry — Operator MVP highlight

Be sure to let us know if you’ve picked up these skins within Warzone and Vanguard.