Destiny 2 has consistency been one of the most played live services games throughout the years, and as players embark during the Lightfall DLC, the current raid has been fantastic for players.

However, with Season of The Deep slowly apporaching, Bungie has now shed some light on a price increase coming to the Season Pass.

Here's what we know!

Destiny 2 Season of The Deep Season Pass To Cost More

The annual release of the new season was set to come out around the middle of May, but with Season of The Deep, Bungie is going to be increasing the price of the Season Pass for everyone.

In the latest, 'This Week at Bungie' they noted the following:


As our teams continue to invest in crafting compelling Seasonal experiences for the year of Lightfall, there’s a heads-up we wanted to give regarding a small increase in the standalone Season Pass price, beginning with Season of the Deep. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Season Pass: 1,000 Silver -> 1,200 Silver
  • Season Pass + 10 Ranks Bundle: 2,000 Silver -> 2,200 Silver

This will be the new pricing for Season Passes in Lightfall’s year for those looking to maximize their rewards with each new Season, and we’ll be evaluating new approaches to post-launch content in the year of The Final Shape.

While it's not that much of an increase, it's still enough to get the community up in arms about, as there's some players that are for this change, while most are against.

Nevertheless, Season of The Deep is bound to be amazing, and we'll be sure to keep you posted about new content!