Here's how!

Diablo is one of the most historic franchises within gaming and over the years, fans have waited for the recent news of Diablo 4, the latest entry into the series.

Now, with Blizzard gearing up to release the first season of content, we're going to brush over the new seasonsal mechanic coming in Season 1.

Here's how to craft Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 Season 1!

Diablo 4 Season 1: How To Craft Malignant Hearts

Diablo 4 is the latest entry into the series, and for who those who don't already know, the game has now soared since it released, making it one of the best selling games of the year.

Now, with the game fully released worldwide, players are going to want to gets situated with the new seasonal mechanic that is on it's way!

The Malignant Hearts are the new seasonal mechanic for Diablo 4, and players will be able to find them within the wild, and craft them.

Here's what Blizzard has had to say in regards to crafting.

As you encounter more menacing Malignant Creatures, so too will the strength of their Malignant Hearts grow. Any Heart that you don’t wish to keep can be salvaged at Cormond’s wagon for Ichor of a corresponding color. Ichor is a resource that allows for the creation of Malignant Hearts and can also be harvested from lesser Malignant Monsters. Salvaging each Vicious, Brutal, and Devious Heart will provide you with 5-15 Ichor, with Wrathful hearts providing 2-5 Ichor of all other Heart types.

Creating a random Heart of a specific type costs 35 Ichor of the other two primary-colored Hearts. For example, if you wanted to craft a Vicious heart, you would need 35 Brutal Ichor and 35 Devious Ichor. In return, you would receive a random Vicious heart that scales to the Level of your character. The random Heart you create will always either be for your specific Class or Class-agnostic.