Here's how!

Diablo is one of the most historic franchises within gaming and over the years, fans have waited for the recent news of Diablo 4, the latest entry into the series.

With the game now fully released for players worldwide, we're going to runover which dungeon is the quickest to complete for XP.

Diablo 4: What Dungeon Is The Quickest?

Diablo 4 is all about geting the best gear, and making your character the best it has to offer, and players will want to opt into World Tier 4, when they are able to do so.

Once you're in this tier, the best way to level up throughout the game is going to be to spam dungeons over and over, which can be a bit time consuming,

This is why you're going to want to enter Blind Burrows or Aluderwood over and over. These two dungeons have been proven to be the most efficent, and have a decent amount of elites.

However, you're also able to use the dungeon reset trick that has been going since the season released, in order to use thes over and over.