Here's how!

Diablo is one of the most historic franchises within gaming and over the years, fans have waited for the recent news of Diablo 4, the latest entry into the series.

Now, with Blizzard gearing up to release the first season of content, fans still have questions how seasons are going to work.

We're going to breakdown if renown is going to reset once the season begins.

Diablo 4: Will Renown Reset In Season 1?

Diablo 4 is the latest entry into the series, and for who those who don't already know, the game has now soared since it released, making it one of the best selling games of the year.

Now, with the game fully released worldwide, players are going to want to farm XP for their character, but we're all still wondering if we're going to have to refarm renown onces Season 1 begins.

Now, blizzard has revealed that renown doesn't exactly reset for Diablo 4 seasons, as your altars and map progres will carry over, along with you reputationg ains for each region.

Blizzard has noted the following.

  • Players will have all previously discovered Areas and Altars of Lilith unlocked at the start of Season 1.
  • All previously earned Renown associated with discovered Areas and Altars of Lilith will carry over to new Seasonal characters.
  • In order to unlock this progress for Seasonal characters, players will need to log in with a character that has already earned these Renown objectives after the Patch on July 18th.