Dead Island was once upon a time one of the premier zombie survival games that was released worldwide for players to enjoy.

With modern day gems such as Dying Light 2 and Back 4 Blood recently releasing, there seems to be some traffic in regards to a second Dead Island releasing!

Now, with the release date looming, we're going to runover if the game is going to be open world!

Does Dead Island 2 Have Multiplayer?

With the first Dead Island arriving back in 2011, this makes it over a decade since the original released, which has to be one of the longest time periods in between two games within the same IP.

So, the release date for Dead Island as of right now appears to be April 21, of 2023, this comes off the recent news that the title has been delayed a month or so.

In regards to if the game is going to feature multiplayer or not, well, it wouldn't be a zombie survival game without friends.

This is why Dead Island 2 will have support for online cooperative play throughout the story and we're amped to dive in!