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The latest installment into Ubisoft's iconic first-person series, Far Cry, has been receiving high-praise worldwide.

Given these games span across a vast island for you to explore, often forcing players to trek from one point to another, it can become time consuming just making your way to new places.

That's why Fast Travelling is a lifesaver and a crucial aspect when trying to save time. Here's how you'll be able to unlock more points to travel to.

Where to unlock fast travel points in Far Cry 6

If you haven't played a Far Cry title before, then you must know that over the course of the game, you're going to encounter various buildings and forts that are under enemy control.

Most of the time, you're going to dispatch of these right away, as it increases your influence over the region, thus allowing you to proceed along in the story further.

This is one of the ways you'll be able to unlock fast travel points in Far Cry 6. Guerrilla hideouts, Church's, Military Bases are all options for where player's will be able to uncover these fast travel points.

As well, to fast travel, you'll simply have to choose a location on the map. Open the map by pressing the appropriate button (Tab on PC), hovering over a location you have discovered and selecting 'Fast Travel'.

The more places you visit, the more Fast Travel destinations will be available. If you've visited a location and can't Fast Travel there, it's because it either hasn't been liberated or can't be travelled to.