FIFA has perhaps been the pinnacle of sporting titles over the last decade, with the iconic series capturing the majority of the world, a new iteration is on the way.

FIFA 23 is now released worldwide, and fans are diving into FUT once again to see if they have what it takes to climb the ranks.

However, before we dive into the action, we're going to runover how you'll be able to change your name within FIFA 23!

How To Change Club Name In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Picking the right team name within FIFA 23 is key, as this will be the team displayed during every match you play while your trying to make the top divisions of FUT.

So, it's vital that you pick a name you love, and not one you're going to want to change every day!

EA Sports has outlined the process to change your name within FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and it's an easy one, so it shouldn't take you too long to figure it out.

The steps are listed down below.

  • Head over to 'Club'
  • Settings
  • Rename Club

That's it, the process is very simple!