FIFA has perhaps been the pinnacle of sporting titles over the last decade, with the iconic series capturing the majority of the world, a new iteration is on the way.

FIFA 23 is on the way very soon, and they've gone ahead and implemented some of the most well known dance moves as celebrations this year.

Here's how to hit the Griddy in FIFA 23.

How To Do The Griddy In FIFA 23

The Griddy is one of the world's most popular dances throughout the world and we've seen players not only in pro soccer, but within the NFL use this move to celebrate certain moments.

As such, EA have gone ahead and added this celebration into both titles this year, and players are going to want to use this move ASAP.

EA Sports has informed us how to perform the Griddy within FIFA 23 and Madden 23 and playes will need to follow the commands listed below.

  • Hold R2
  • Flick RS Up
  • Flick RS Up