Fortnite's new 20.40 update was released not too long ago, and since, players have been able to check out the brand new POI, Collider, and get ready for the season-ending event.

There's always something to do within Fortnite, and weekly challenges are a fantastic way to some additional XP and more.

This week, we're going to walk players through where all Ascender locations are!

All Ascender Locations In Fortnite

Ascender's are bascially the ziplines that go up and down that you've more than likley spotted within Fortnite.

They're really only used via Blimps, as these is typically the only way to get up to one of them. So, for this challenge players will just need to head up and down a few of them!

Thanks to Fortnite.gg we're able to view the locations of some of the Ascender's within the game, but, keep in mind, wherever you spot a Blimp, there's an Ascender to go along with it!