Fortnite has now released its new season, and with the premier of Chapter 4 Season 1, and players are diving into the brand new content.

With all this, comes new skins within the battle pass, along with other teased skins that'll come later in the season.

However, when playing Fortnite, you're going to want to land at the best spots on the map and we're going to runover these below.

Best Places To Land In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

With the release of the new map, there's been a massive downsize in terms of the overall map size, and the amount of chests for players to loot.

This means, there's going to be highly contested landing spots all across the map, and we're going to outline some of the POIs we think are best.

The Citadel

  • 18 Chests
  • Mythic Weapon

Slappy Shores

  • Over 40 chests

Brutal Bastion

  • 41 Chests

Be sure to let us know where you've been landing this season thus far!