Fortnite's new 20.40 update was released not too long ago, and since, players have been able to check out the brand new POI, Collider, and get ready for the season-ending event.

Speaking of the new POI, SypherPK got to experience some pretty devestating bugs within this location that we think you should be aware of!

Fortnite's Collider Has A Huge Bug

The Collider is essentially a brand new POI for the end of the current Fortnite season, and we can assume it'll play a huge role in the season-ending event as well.

But, SypherPK noticed while playing with Ninja that if you use a Shockwave grenade near one of the pillars, youll bascially get stuck within the POI itself, and no one will notice.

It seems to be a pretty busted bug as of now, as players will easily be able to camp there the entire game and farm points and perhaps, catch you off guard when you least expect it!