Where are you NPCs?

Every week, new challenges are made available in Fortnite for players to complete in order to grind out their Battle Pass.

While these challenges are fairly straight forward, they do offer a lot of XP for how much time they take to complete - doing them regularly can accumulate to a lot of progress in your Battle Pass.

Chapter 4 Season 3's Summer event has kicked off and we're going to runover how to find Ice Cream Cones.

Fortnite Summer Escape 2023: Where and How To Find Ice Cream Cones

You can expect new the new Summer event to arrive Tuesday, July 4th, 2023.

In terms of challenges and other notes players will want to be aware of. hunting down Ice Cream cones is going to be main way you're going to be able to progress through the challenges for the time being.  

Players will be able to find these cones all around the map, but you're best bet is to look around coolers and ice machines that are around most locations.

These will yield the best chance of looting Ice Cream cones, so you can progress towards getting all the rewards.